I will not stop living and breathing art
just because you need to relax.

I'm here with you. I'll live with you
in this hellhole.

But I must express myself. If I can't
gut this house and make it my own...

...l will go insane
and I will take you with me!

Yeah. Well, maybe the house
could use a little remodeling.

But why don't you just leave
this room alone, okay?

I'll get her.
Once you cover the wallpaper, knock down
a few walls, this place might be livable.

-What's on the third floor?
-Attic space.

I forgot to lock the attic door.
-Did you feel something?

-You don't have a key?
-Maybe Charles does.

I have a feeling there's something
very interesting behind this door.

Yeah, the ghosts of the people who died
in this house, and they want us out!

Let's do them a favor.
My God, that was close!
I cannot watch this.
What's the good of being a ghost
if you can't frighten people away?

-No, I'm not putting up with this!

-You don't know what's out there.
-I don't care.