Don't worry. I locked the door.
Having trouble with the living?
Tired of having your home violated?

Want to get rid of them
pesky living critters?

Well, come on down and see me,
the afterlife's leading bio-exorcist.

Yes, sirree! I want to tell you,
I'll do anything!

I'll scare 'em real bad.
I'll do anything to get your business.

Hell! I'll possess myself if I gotta!
Yo! I got demons runnin' all through me.
Come on down and see it.
Ifyou act now, you get a free
demon possession with every exorcism.

You can't beat that, can you?
Bring the little partners. We've got plenty
of snakes for them to play with.

Say it once, say it twice,
third time's a charm. And remember--

"I'll eat anything you want me to eat.
Swallow anything you want me to swallow.

"So, come on down, I'll chew on the dog. "
We need some help. I read something
in this book about emergencies.

Here it is.
"In case of emergency, draw a door."

"Draw a door"? I don't know why
we keep looking in that stupid book.