I didn't want to bring it up.
But rather than have you make
another mistake, I'll tell you.

He was my assistant.
But he was a troublemaker.
He went out on his own...

:35:16 a freelance bio-exorcist.
Claimed he could get rid of the living.
Got into more trouble.

I believe he's been sleazing
around your cemetery lately.

The only way he can be brought back...
:35:35 by calling his name three times.
But I strongly suggest...
...that you remove the Deetzes yourselves.
How do we contact you...
...if we need you again?
Oh, Adam, that guy's in our cemetery.
She's right. We just keep this simple.
We can do this.

Hey, you, come here!
Come on. Hey, come here.
I got something good for you.
Come on over.

We'll have a little bite, something to nosh.
-Come here!
-Help me!

Maxie, haven't I always made you money?
That's the only real question.

Nobody made me money like you.
You were a demon until your nerves went.

It'sjust that...