Hey! You've got to work with me here.
I'm just trying to cut a deal.
What do you want me to do?

Where are you?
You bunch of losers!
You're working with a professional here!
Nice fucking model!
We can do this stuff on our own.
Besides, I'm not exposing
that little girl to that pervert.

We did call him,
and he seemed awfully pissed off.

I don't care. I've changed my mind.
We can scare them off ourselves...tonight.

I have an idea.
What you did with the place is wonderful.
Not me. Them.
You like them.
I hope it wasn't yet another
of your dreary suicide attempts.

You know what they say about people
who commit suicide?

In the afterlife, they become civil servants.
Otho, I didn't realize
you were into the supernatural.

Of course! You remember.
After my stint with the Living Theater...
...l was one of New York's
leading paranormal researchers...

...until the bottom dropped out in '72.
Paranormal? ls that what
they're calling your kind these days?

Don't mind her. She's still upset that
somebody dropped a house on her sister.

Well, this looks really good.
I saw some ghosts.
-It's a private joke Lydia and I share.
-It's not a joke.

Yes, it is. Just today she tried
to convince me this house is haunted.

Kids! You know, I love them!
-In designer sheets, no less.