Charles, why didn't you tell us
about this before?

We're not sure we want our secret out.
Everyone will want them for parties.

People will pay big money for this.
The Enquirer is offering $50,000
for proof of life after death.

This is it, Charles.
You can get Maxie Dean up here now.

-You think so?
-Sarah loves the supernatural.

She'll have him sprint up here
in his helicopter...

...if you can produce ghosts for her.
I should remind you that I'm Delia's agent.
I have lost money on her work for years.
If anything happened here, I shall handle it.
But not until I've seen real proof.
-What about this table?
-What do you call what just happened?

What money?
Don't you believe in my work?

Here's Lydia.
-They don't want to come down.

Why not?
I think they were trying to scare you away,
and you didn't get scared.

They're dead.
It's a little late to be neurotic.

All right.
This was not a hallucination.
This was real.

We all experienced a super-powerful
paranormal experience and it was real.

Delia, you are a flake.
You have always been a flake.

If you insist on frightening people,
do it with your sculpture.

Drive carefully!
-I'm dead.
-Where do they hide?

-The attic.
-The attic's locked.

They're ghosts.
They can do what they want.

They do whatever they want.
Take us up there right now.

Fabulous! Otho Fenlock's
"Locked Door Ghosts! "