Bull Durham

you're gonna be the all-time
minor-league champ.

The record's 246.
Well, 24 7 home runs
in the minor leagues...

would be a kind of
dubious honor.

l think it would be great.
The Sporting News should know it.

No.Just no. Please.
Last chance,
your place or mine?

Despite my rejection
of most Judeo-Christian ethics...

l am, within the framework
of the baseball season, monogamous.

- Gimme a break.
- lt's true.

Stop it.
Jeez, the fact is...
you're afraid of meeting a guy
like me, 'cause it might be real...

so you sabotage it with some,
what is it...

bullshit about commitment
to a young boy you can boss around.

That's a great deal.
l know women like you.
You're a regular
patron saint.

Stray cats, lost causes...
or 6'3" homeless studs.
Oh, Crash,
you do make speeches.

Crash, that was fabulous.
You mean Nuke.
You said Crash.

No, l said Nuke.
You said Crash.
Oh, no.
Sweetie, you shouldn't listen
to what a woman says...

when she's in the throes
of passion.

They say the darndest things.
Yeah, you said Crash.
would you rather l'd be making love
to him using your name...

or making love to you
using his name?