Bull Durham

he just doesn't even look
when he pitches?

He's a Mayan lndian.
Or an Aztec. l forget which one.
l get 'em confused.

- So do l.
- Stand up for a second.

l want you to be aware
of the chakra connection...

between your feet
and your testicles.

- Chakra.
- Your right leg and left testicle...

and your left leg
and your right testicle.

l like that.
l bet you do.
Give me the ball.
l'm tired of hearing this.

Fire one in there.
Come on.

You're patronizing me,
and l will not be patronized.

lf l throw too hard,
l'm gonna hurt the girl.

This girl has handled
a lot of pitchers...

whose records
are a lot better than 1-7.

1-6. Give me
the goddamn ball.

- How do you like that?
- That was much better.

You see that? Because your delivery
was fully integrated...

'cause you weren't thinking about it
'cause you were pissed off at me.

That's progress.
Get your butt up here.

Let's bend over,
and l'm gonna show you--

l give up. Let's go inside
and make love and fall asleep...

until it's time
to go to the ballpark.

Or we could just take
all that sexual energy...

and kind of hold
onto it for a few hours...

and then rechannel it
into your pitching tonight.

You're a powerful young thing,
Ebby Calvin.

You want something
for that sore shoulder?

l want that shit
that don't smell bad.

- lt's on back order.
- Give him some of that shit.

That's hot.
l mean it,
that's very hot.

Annie says it'll keep
one side of my brain...

occupied while l'm on the mound,
keeping my brain slightly off center...