Thanks, man,
but I gotta be honest.

This is just
a part-time gig for me.

I'm in a business programme,
City College, days.

Ah. A seeker of wisdom and truth.
You couldn't have found a better
work-study programme than right here.

- To a future leader of America.
- I'll stick with the brew.

Beer is for breakfast around here.
Drink or be gone.

I realize I've got a class
of budding capitalists here.

That most of you are seeking
the fast track...

lovely term...
to a career in investment banking
or some other socially useful pursuit.

certain antiquated skills...

such as reading and writing...
remain a part
of the curriculum.

So, for your first assignment...
I'd like you to write
your own obituaries.

Not that I wish you were dead.
At least not yet, anyway.

Brian Flanagan.
Senator Brian Flan...
Billionaire governor...

Brian Flanagan, whose self-propelled,
meteoric rise to wealth and fame...

would have made even
j. D. Rockefeller envious...

died early yesterday morning
at the age of 99...

while bedding his
18-year-old seventh wife, Heidi...

who is recovering from exhaustion
at the local hospital...

and will be unable
to attend the funeral.

For your midterm paper...
I want you to select a business
in which you are interested...

and to prepare a complete plan
for its development.

You should include

administrative costs...
income prospectus...
cost analysis...