And yet one word
describes your papers:

A word some of you will get
to know well in the future.

Like Mr. Ron Lemaster.
Where is Ronnie Lemaster?

our cosmetics magnate
who hopes to make his fortune...

selling make-up for pets!
Fetch, Ronnie, fetch.
Good boy.
And my own personal favorite,
Mrs. Sheila Rivkin.

Oh, my God.
He's got my paper.

Mrs. Rivkin has spent the last 20 years
burning her husband's dinners...

but now decides she wants
to become the Donald Trump...

of the cookie business... You!
You! You have
something to contribute?

I just said it wasn't worth
getting upset about.

- What's your name?
- Brian Flanagan.

Now speak up!
Let the class hear you.

- Brian Flanagan!
- Oh, yes, Flanagan.

Mr. Flanagan.
Mr. Brian Flanagan.

Let us see.
Yes, Mr. Flanagan is determined...
to revolutionize
the bar business...

by franchising his version
of the local New York tavern...

to every suburban
shopping mall in America.

Tell me, Mr. Flanagan...
do you intend to provide
the smell of stale beer?

Or perhaps a surly bartender...
and three boring drunks
to each outlet?

I don't know.
You looking for another job?

Ah. A diamond in the rough.
The dreamer who can't
take the criticism.

Not from a guy who hides here 'cause
he can't hack it in the real world.

Okay, Flanagan.
Let's see how well you hack it
in the real world...

with an F" in this course.
Not a goddamn thing any one
of those professors says...

makes a difference
on the street.

If you know that,
you're ready to graduate.

Maybe I'm just too old
to be a student.