And a ponytail
just a-hangin'down

A wiggle in her walk
and a giggle in her talk

Makes the world go round
There ain't nothin' in the world
like a big-eyed girl

Make me act so funny
Make me spend my money

Make me feel loose
Like a real live goose

Oh, baby, that's what I like
It is not dignified
to get this drunk.

- You are in training.
- I'm in training?

- For stardom.
- For stardom?

I don't care how liberated
this world becomes...

- a man will always be judged on the amount of alcohol...
- I knew I was in training for something.

he can consume.
- Always.
- And a woman will be impressed...

whether she likes it or not.
- Now, come on.
- I'm not gonna make it.

You are. A star never pukes
or passes out in public.

Holy shit.
Hey, are you okay?
You alive?
falling down stairs is allowed.
Sure you don't want a slice?
For breakfast?
You've gotta be joking.

- It's better than a Red Eye.
- Not for a hangover.

Coughlin's Diet:
cocktails and dreams.
Hey, that's not
a bad name for a joint.

You know, we really ought to think
about setting up our own place.

That takes money.
The kind of money your sacred books
dangle but never deliver.

They deliver.
You just gotta know
how to read.

I mean, come on.
We could make a fortune!

I mean, that's why you came to New York.
That's sure as hell why I left Queens.

Positive thinking!