One, two, three, do it!
You shake it to the left
You shake it to the right

You do the hippy shake-shake
with all of your might

Oh, shake
The hippy hippy shake
It's in the bag
The hippy hippy shake
The hippy hippy shake
The hippy hippy shake
Yeah! Whoo!
Listen... Hey, listen!

Why the fuck are two stars like you
wasting your talent in a hole like this?

- A secret admirer!
- No, I'm serious!

I got the hottest saloon in town.
I want you guys working for me.
In two weeks, you'll be famous.

I've been famous for ten years.
just give me the money.

I got the hippy hippy shake
- She walks down the street knockin' them dead
- Hey, wait in line!

Store window dummies
even turn their heads

Sure 'nuff
Powerful stuff
I think I'm in love
And it's powerful stuff
I am the world's
first yuppie poet.

Bullshit! Bullshit!

The poem is entitled
The Bottom Line. "

Stick it in your Volvo!
Money isn't everything,' they say.
Okay, so what is? Sex?"
It's better than sushi!
Did you ever make love to a pauper?
- Pee-yoo!"
- I'd rather hump a camel!

It takes money to overthrow
the government, you know. "

Whoa, that's deep.
Art? The more it costs,
the better it is.

And that's the bottom line!"