Good night, sweet prince.
Looks like one
of our customers.

That bum just cost me
50 bucks.

So what's this great idea
I'm here to piss on?

Well, I have been
doing some research...

into what it'll cost to set up
Cocktails and Dreams.

Now what I have found is,
if we find the right location...

do our own renovation...
we can start it up
for as little as 75,000 cash.

Ah, which the tooth fairy will
deliver to our doorstep, hmm?

No, man.
Which we make in Jamaica, man.
Oh, God, Brian.
I like that. Mmm!
Jamaica, south of Soho.

Oh, yeah, man.
Very south of Soho.

The Caribbean,
Jamaica, man.

I was down there last month
doing a shoot...

and I met this bartender
who makes $300 to $400 a day.

A day! Whoo!
And he didn't have
any of the talent of you guys.

I should hope not.
Winter in the tropics,
spring in New York.

jet-set bartenders, eh?
See, we could live
for peanuts down there.

There are no taxes.
Cash off the books.

Two, maybe three seasons,
and we are in business.

So you want to wait three years?
I've told you.
New York is where the angels are.

Aw, come on. This is...
- This is a real opportunity!
- Oh, yeah.

- We'll have a fantastic time.
- Will we?

- Carl, huh?
- Coral. English. Coral.

Why is it do you think these chicks are
always named after inanimate objects?

There's nothing
inanimate about Coral.

Hot number, huh?
- Good shot.
- Ten bucks behind the line?

Sure. Shoot till you miss.
- All right.
- Where does Coral live?

76th Street.
She's got a brownstone.

She owns the whole
fucking building.

You don't think she lives in
that building all by herself, do you?

That's a bit lucky.