It has been an adventure.
Owen will take care of you.
Here's a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it
note for note

Don't worry
Be happy
Every life we have
some trouble

When you worry
you make it double

Don't worry
Be happy
- Mark, I haven't forgotten about you.
- No problem.

Welcome to my most humble,
dishonorable establishment.

Well, thank you.
My worthless, useless services
are at your disposal.

Um, I wanted to, uh, come by and
thank you for helping out yesterday.

That's all right.
How's she doing?

She, uh, has a hangover.
Can I buy you a drink?
One of my rum specialties, perhaps?

I'll have a beer.
My kind of woman.
- Hey, guys, how're you doing?
- I'll have the same, Brian.

So it seems like happy hour
all day around here.

Yes, happy hour.
That great American invention for
spending quality time with spouse soused.

- A bartender with a line for everything.
- Yeah, the bartender.

The highest evolution
of the species:

Boozus New Yorkus. "
I used to work at a circus
before I got this job.

Excuse me.
Don't worry
Be happy
Ain't got no cash
Ain't got no style