I taught him all I know.
Together with a token,
it might get me on a subway.

You can only
take a guy so far.

Then it's a question of biology.
Biology is destiny.

Ah, the old fool-osopher.
You see, there are two kinds
of people in this world:

the workers and the hustlers.
The hustlers never work
and the workers never hustle.

And you, my friend,
are a worker.

God knows I've tried to beat
that instinct out of him...

but it's there ingrained
in your immigrant blood.

Look how tasty your cocktails are.
Look how clean you keep your bar.

Why, man, you actually
take pride in your work.

I do not.
Is he or isn't he
a great bartender?

- Oh, the best.
- See, they love you.

Listen, Bozo, If you think
I'm stuck in this gig...

Face it,
you're a career proletarian.

You've been standing in a puddle
so long, you've got webbed feet.

just because he get's lucky
with a rich chick...

Lucky, he says.
Why, you couldn't do it.

I've known this man for three years,
and believe me, he's not a closer.

This place is crawling
with moneyed females.

Case in point: rich and ripe
and out of your league.

- Out of my league?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, she just happened to be here
checking me out the other night.

Maybe she had
15 minutes to kill.

You know what it'd take to make a score
on a smart woman like that?

You'd have to get over on her,
her managers, her lawyers...

her trustees, her maid,
and her tennis coach.

I've been training for this
my whole life.

Well, 50 bucks...
says you don't even
make it over the bar.

Gentlemen, that's a bet.
You guys are in on this.
Be cool.

Vodka on the rocks
with a squeeze of lime.

Oh, no, no.
This is the tropics.

At least try a Jus D'Amour.
Pardon me.