Feel it burn, yeah!
That fat's burnin'!

Morning, babe.
Listen, can you get me some
carrot juice from the fridge?

Get some for yourself too.
It's addictive.

- Pick it up! Whoo! One, two!
- Every fucking morning.

Yeah. Well, just tell him not to make a
move until he's seen our line, that's all.

And send Harvey
down to Dallas right away.

Yeah, uh-huh.
Good, Tony.

You are beautiful.

Yeah. Okay,
I'll be in the office in 15.

Ciao, Tony.
Tony? Tony Scaduto,
the sales manager?

- Yep.
- I thought he was in Mexico.

- Just got back Friday.
- Then I can go in and see him?

We'll let it wait
just a smidgen longer.

Remember, you're
picking me up at 7:00 tonight.

Why don't you wear the grey pinstripe
we bought you last week?

Did you tell him about
my marketing ideas?

Honey, I don't want them to think I'm
shoving my boyfriend down their throat.

What difference does it make?
You're the boss.

These guys are
top salesmen, babe.

I can't treat them
like office boys.

Listen to me.
Look, you could wait six months...
you'd still be the youngest
sales manager in the business.

Trust me, baby.
Hey, come on!
Get that heap out of the way!