Is this our waterfall?
It's terrific.
Yeah, it's all right.
The name's Mooney, not Monet.
So, uh, why did you humiliate me
like that in Jamaica?

How did I humiliate you?
Brian, I was there.
I saw you go off with that woman.

You're such an asshole.
It's not as bad as it seems.
See, Doug landed
a rich chick.

- And that night he bet me that I couldn't do the same.
- A rich chick.

- So, you'd go with a woman just because she had money.
- No, it's not the money.

He bet me that I wasn't
good enough to hustle her.

Hustle her?
And I was worth so little to you that you
could just take some stupid juvenile bet?

No. You see, a guy lays down a dare,
you gotta take it.

Brian, how do you think I felt
seeing you go off with some woman...

after the time
that we spent together?

just hold on a second.
You were pushing me down there.

You were coming on
too strong, too fast.

Oh, I was pushing you?
Well, you know,
you happened to be there too.

I- I thought that we had something going.
I didn't play any games with you.

I know.
I'm sorry. I...
I guess I just got spooked.
But now I know I can handle it.
Oh, you can
handle it, huh?

- So what if you got spooked again?
- I won't.

- I'll bet I can spook you.
- No way.

I'm pregnant.
I'm spooked.
It's mine?