Dangerous Liaisons

l can't understand how someone
whose instincts are so generous...

...could lead such a dissolute life.
l'm afraid you have an exaggerated idea...
...both of my generosity
and of my depravity.

lf l knew who'd given you
such a dire account of me....

Since l don't...
...let me make a confession.
l'm afraid the key to the paradox lies
in a certain weakness of character.

l can't see how so thoughtful an act
of charity could be described as weak.

Because it was simply a response...
...to a strong new influence in my life.
You see how weak l am?
l promised myself
l was never going to tell you.

lt's just that looking at you....
You needn't worry...
...l have no illicit intentions.
l would not dream of insulting you.
But l do love you.
l adore you.
Please, help me.