Distant Thunder

- I'll see you around, Harv.
- You'll be back.

Stay down there, and you'll just
end up kissing the train too.

- Hi, Jack.
- Hey, coach.

Thought you guys were
supposed to be at a fitting.

I've already been down.
I guess we know
who this belongs to.

I just might miss this place.
Well, it's gonna miss you.
You did a heck of a job.

First in your class. Congratulations.
Ah, it's no big deal.
It's not like being
starting quarterback

on an undefeated team, right?
Jack, I've coached here since '59.
And I taught history all that time.
And I'll tell you this:
I'll take a kid who cracks a book
over one who can pass a pigskin

any day of the week.
You know, I was just thinking.
My dad graduated from here
23 years ago almost right to this day.

Don't remind me.
I know what's on your mind.
A lot of fathers are gonna be
at graduation.

If things had worked out differently,
yours would be there too.

The war's over, coach.
It's been over a long time.