Ernest Saves Christmas

Mindy's writing a school paper...
on "How government really works. "
How nice.
This is a surprise inspection, Chief.
Now, wait just a minute.
Do you need an education to be chief,
or can anybody do it?

We had to fight through...
an army of TV cameramen
just to get in here.

Now, look here...
Is that "Spinks" or "Spenks"?
- Now, look...
- I can't tell you what a...

pet project this is
of Governor Ellington's.

TV cameramen.
Are we communicating here?

Were you elected into office,
or did you just buy your way in?
Isn't she a doll?
The goal of this facility...
is to rehabilitate
and retrain the whole man;

and to make possible
his smooth re-entry into society,

once he's paid for
the crimes he's committed.

These are our most recent offenders.
Open "D" cell.
Be sure to take copious notes, Mindy,
and watch that penmanship.
Who's the old man?
Um, Mr. Santos.
Mr. Santos,
how have you been treated
since you've been here?

My name is Santa Claus.
Excuse me?
Santa Claus.