For Keeps

Come on, Darcy.
There's more to life than Big Macs.

-Your job is looking out for your mom.

Okay, it was red,
and now it's pink.

"If there's a change from the original
color, it indicates a positive result."

Positive! So it's positive.
Not positive, good.
Positive, bad.

It's just defective.
We'll take it back.

We'll get another one
and do it again.

Darcy, it's not defective.
Look, my dad's a doctor.
I know about these things.

I can't believe this.
I've been taking the pill forever.

What am I gonna do?
Yo, Stan, thanks for the cleanup.
I owe you one, kid.

-Hi, Mr. Bobrucz.
-Oh, hey! Darcy Elliot.

Kenosha's star reporter.
Are you doing one of those...

...exposé stories
on bunions across America?

Hey! No smooching
back there, now.

-lt'll set off the sprinklers.
-Good night, Dad.