For Keeps

Well, maybe next time, Stan.
-I'm sorry.
-What happened?

She's sort of a problem.
Now she's a problem.
A minute ago, she was a customer.

Oh, look, your friend's here.
Hey, Darce.
Is that what you're wearing
to the prom?

Michaela, you're really so mean.
I'm just kidding.
-I'm in the Jacuzzi.

Oh, there's a letter for you
on the table from Caltech.

"You have been awarded
a full scholarship in architecture.

Your scholarship covers
both tuition and dormitory costs.

You will be required to perform
30 hours a week of work-study.

In response
to your recent inquiry...

... Caltech doesn't provided
freshman married housing. "

What'd it say?
-What are you doing?
-I didn't want the damn thing anyhow.

-You mean, you didn't get it?
-I didn't want it.