Ging chaat goo si juk jaap

May's here.
May, you're back!
- You scumbag!
- Let me explain.

- You...
- You didn't want me to come back!

You left me there
and took my passport!

When I got there,
I couldn't do anything.

Before I was sent back here, they
detained me for ten hours in a cell!

Why should I keep my voice down?
When you take your dog for a walk,
do you not take him home afterwards?

- I'm even worse than a dog.
- May, they're watching us.

What are you staring at?
It's none of your business!

I want you to tell me in front
of everyone what you think I am.

- What the hell do you take me for?
- You're my girlfriend!

Your girlfriend?! Open up! Open up!
If that's true,
why treat me that way?

You even treat strangers
better than me.

Let me tell you...
it's over between us!
Chan Ka-kui, you bastard!
- Uncle Bill, did you make that call?
- I needed to go to the toilet.

You've ruined my life.