Hei tai yang 731

This place is freezing cold
Yes, it's similar to Chiba Prefecture
l think it's much colder here
lshikawa, don't you think so?
lt makes no difference,
we aren't going home anyway.
lshikawa already misses home after leaving
Mom for a few days.

He is just a Momma's boy,
he even broke down & cried when his
mom saw him off.

But you cried too!
No. l didn't!
But my mom & sister did.
Yes my mom cried too.
l didn't cry.
but l felt really bad.
My father was killed fighting in China.
So was mine!
So were my father and my elder brother,
they died fighting in China.
This kind of food is even hard to get back home
in our Japan.

Did you know that?
Drag him out!
Yeah! Stuff it in!