Imagine: John Lennon

They would nip into the canteen
and lock the door...

like naughty boys in the lavatory.
They would go away and hide,
away from the schoolmaster.

Surrealism had a great effect on me
'cause then I realized that...

my imagery in my mind wasn't insanity.
Psychedelic vision is reality to me.
Some newspaperman came up
and he said, "Have you had LSD?"

So I thought,
"I'll either be cagey here or be honest."

So I said, "Yes."
And it was his responsibility,
reporting it.

So they had him on TV saying,
"Why did you say this?"

Very much like that statement...
They kept asking him, "Did you take it?"
So he says, "Yeah."

But on TV, he says,
"You don't print this bit of film.

"I don't want to tell anybody about that.
It's private"...