La Lectrice

"Fran├žoise is sweet, but her naivety
is disheartening. Reader."

"In the age of audio-books, she dreams
of duchesses and ladies' maids."

"Not at all, said Fran├žoise..."
It's different now:
Invalids, disabled people,
the old or lonely...

Or bachelors.
"I admit her naivety can be disturbing."
"The idea grew until I found myself
in front of the ad man. "

"He's sucking on an unlit cigar
and staring at me. "

- No advice.
- "He says."

But if I was you,
I wouldn't place that ad.

- No way.
- Why?

"Young lady offers home reading service:
"Literature, documents, texts."
Phone number. It's asking for trouble.
Believe me, I know my job.
I'm asking you to publish it,
not criticise it.

You know...
Ambiguous ads
are ten a penny these days.

- My ad's not ambiguous.
- In that case...

- Take out "Young lady".
- And put what?

- "Person".
- Person?

Say "Person offers home-reading,
services, etc, etc...".

You see "person" is sexless.
How do you know?
Well, I suppose it's up to you.
But don't give a phone number...
Type that...

Just the advert code... 3 issues...
To minimise the damage.

That comes to...
"And I leave."
"I feel his eyes lingering on my legs."
"Here I am at Philippe's. He's the man
in my life. For now anyway. "