La Lectrice

Not that either. You smell of fruit.
You're superb.
The colour is superb.
Let's start.
- The same as last time.
- No, I'm a reader, not a repeater.

I'm old and you mustn't contradict me.
- Can I change my bedside-man now?
- Of course, madame.

Tell me how you like them.
Gorky: "Lenin and the Russian peasant".
"What was exceptionally great
in him was his ardent conviction

that sorrow is not
the necessary basis of being

but an evil which man must
and should sweep away."

Not bad. Or else Lenin:
"Marx's doctrine is all-powerful
because it is fair,
complete, harmonious".

Very, very good.
Or else...
I've got it. You smell of red fruit tea.
I'm listening, Nouchka.

"Good people, hear my lament,
the story of my life"

"An orphan recounting
his boring troubles, gee up!"

Prévert, the October Group...
Go on, don't bother to pretend to read.
"One day, a general, or maybe one night"
"A general had two horses
killed beneath him"

"These horses gee'd up
Life is bitter"

"It was my poor father, my poor mother"
"Who hid beneath the bed,
the general's bed"

"Who hid behind the lines
in a small southern town"

"The general talked alone at night,
generally talked of boring troubles"

"That's how my father
and that's how my mother, gee up!"

"One night, died of boredom"
"For me, family life was done
Leaving the bedside table"

"I galloped fast away to the big city,
shining, gleaming"

"In an auto, I reach Sabi in Paros
Sorry, I'm talking horse"

"One morning, I reach Paris in sabots"
"I ask to see the lion, king of beasts
Receive a bump on my nose"