Lo foo chut gang

I'll get it back as much as I can.
Sorry Boss. I'm sure I'll get it back.
I'm responsible,
they won't get away with it.
Careful with the deal at month's end.
Ping, I want it back soon.
OK, Fai.
Marydonna, your brother is here.
My brother?
Go ahead, keep dancing girls!

Brother, it's nice to see you.
I've to talk to you.
Mom writes me that
she wants you to go back home.

Let's not talk about it now,
just come here.

I almost got killed.
That Thai guy wanted
to pull a fast one on me.

How did you manage to get away?
I killed him.
Brother, you killed him?
I've no choice, anyway
I've to leave Hong Kong.

I'll go home after
I get some more money.

You still want to do it.
Of course!
It's worth tens ofthousands
of dollars.

The address is inside,
deliver this for me.

Brother, this is very dangerous.
I know.
I don't mind the risk
for one more time.

Let's stop it, brother.
Another big deal is on for the 29th.
If I succeed, then I don't have
to worry about home.

You two discovered the body?