Lo foo chut gang

Yes, we found it
when we started work today.

This is really bad luck.
You got that right.
Captain, we've found a passport.
Where's 4198?
You two found it first.
Yes, Sir.
Where is he?
Still in hospital, Sir.
Get him back here
Yes, Sir.

You must be the most
beautiful nurse here.

Get in bed, ifthe matron finds out
I will be in trouble.

Don't be silly,
I need a lot of looking after.
lfyou promise to see a movie with me,
I'll be fine.
The Doctor will never let you out.
I've been hanging-out with Doctors
for a long time.

Get in bed
Only ifyou get in with me.

Someone's coming

Shut up, she's here.
My sis taught me how to flirt.
You think about it
Old trick.

Brother, you'll never change.
I was really worried when they said
you got hurt on duty.

But in fact, you're only
fooling around here.

Why not? The bastard scared
the wits out of me.

Hello Sarge. Any better?
I'm fine, thanks Take this!
This is from your dad.
You bastard, taking advantage
of my sis?

I didn't.
You didn't?
Stop fighting!

I'm going, take it easy.
Stop! What are you doing.
I'm just teaching him physiotherapy.
I'm going
This is a hospital. What're you doing?

Matron. I'm just doing physiotherapy.
Still, you shouldn't disturb
other patients.

Sorry, Matron.
Go back.
Just go back, brother.
Sorry, Peter.
That's all right.
I'll kill him.
Why are you so angry, brother?
Because that bastard stuck a gun
in my mouth.

I'm in hospital because ofthat.
That's the robber?
He's C.I.D.
Write me a good report
so I can fix him up.

Write it yourself, I don't know how to.
If I know how I wouldn't send you
to College.