Lo foo chut gang

you are too low for my sister.
Yes, Sergeant!
Stand still! What's that?
School bag.
Stand by the wall.

Spread your legs.
What the hell are you doing?
He looks ugly.

Are you crazy, he's my neighbor
Sorry, Brother Shing!

Let's go!
Being ugly is not illegal,
damn you!

lfyou don't shut up.
I'm going to kick your ass.

Please have a seat.
Sergeant Li.

A glass of draft beer, thank you.
Two glasses.

Sergeant, didn't you say that
we come to look for clues?

Would you let me have a beer first?

Brother Loong, you don't have
to greet me personally.

I don't dare not to greet you
personally, because you are a big shot.

Don't tease me, Brother Loong.
You know that I always come to you
when I've a problem.

Why don't you shake hands
with Brother Loong?

Brother Loong.

Michael is my new partner.
Are you trying to commit suicide.
Sorry about that, Brother Loong.
So, what's up?
Brother Loong.
Well, did anything happen around town?
Like you got held up
by a new cop with gun

and made you pissed your pants.
How can you face the world now?
Why were you scared? If I run into him.
I would give him a punch first.
Can't do, he is really tough.
So what. An ox is tough,
but we eat steaks too.

Just punch it like an ox.
Still better than letting others
to laugh at you.

Alright, and you told me
that we're brothers.

Even you tease me,
how can I face the others?

Don't you like to be teased at?
Michael, what do you think
I should do?

Brother Loong, I've already
apologized to Sergeant Li.

Don't even mention it,
don't tease him anymore.

You are picking on him,
aren't you? Brother.

Don't worry about it...
I'm used to this.