Lo foo chut gang

Waiter, give me the bill!
Don't be a dirty bastard.
This is real!
Of course it's real.
Fifteen dollars, please!
Sir, did you grow up with milk powder?
Yes! How can you tell?
No wonder you like tits so much.
Fuck off!
What, did you swear to me?
No... he said "Do you know me!"
Do you know me, I know you as a rat.
What are you laughing?
What's so funny.

Didn't you discover
something's wrong?

Sure! Of course
there is something wrong,

she shouldn't have yelled at you.
Stop joking around.
There wasn't a "V" on her purse before.
But how there is a "V" on her purse,
must be something going on.

Let's go after them!
Hurry up pay the bill.

Waiter, bill please.
Waiter, keep the change.
Sir, what would you like to purchase?
How much does this cost, Mam?
This is a new arrival, only cost $2290.
You pay me?
Let's not kidding, sir.
This is very good material,
even ifyou only wear once.