Lo foo chut gang

Keep fooling around.
You've only got an underwear on,
let's see how far you can go,

Go ahead!
Throw me a pair of pants.
I'm not going to throw anything.
Let the girls go first.
lfyou don't throw it, I'm going
to blow their goddamn heads,

hurry up.
OK, I'm going to throw it to you,
just take it easy.

Yes Sir.

Take offyour pants.
Yes, Sir.

Why do you want me
to take off my pants?

You want the sergeant to take off
his pants or what, stupid!

Come on.
How can I go out like this?
Are you going to take
the responsibility oftheir lives?

Come on.
Why don't you just shoot him, instead
of making me to take off my pants?

Just take it offfast!
Take it off!
Just take it off!
Take it off! Hurry!
He's taking it off, don't you dare to
hurt those two school girls.

Throw it down.
Stop fooling around,
or I'm going to kill them.

There's another pair, hold on.
You little shit, you want to trick me.
No, Sergeant, it's too windy out there.
Windy my ass, there's absolutely
no wind out there.

Hurry up!
Don't rush me, OK?

How am I going to face other people?
I'm used to this...
Don't let down!
What do we do now, Sergeant?
Don't you dare to hurt them.
Go to hell!
Let go chase him!
Yes, Sir.

Police, stay out ofthe way!
He's down there.
Don't move!
Come on, brother, let's not do it!
Shut up.

Start the car... drive faster.
You shit head,
why are you pressing the horn,

can't you see me?
You are crazy enough to run around
on the street without your pants.

What's wrong with that,
it could be worst.