Lo foo chut gang

This white stuff can kill you too.
Say it! Whom your brother
have dealt with?

I don't know.
I don't know.

Damn it! Wake up a bit.
Think about it.
Michael, what are you
standing here for?

Your big Brother is
questioning a guy.

Questioning? Then you eat first.
The food is getting cold.

Be patient, just wait outside.
Michael, tell me what happened.
Have some hot tea.
I'm not forcing you
to cooperate with me.

You are going to die. Think it over.
Come in!
Good evening, Sir!
Fuk Shing Pipe Manufactory is a
very big business in East and South Asia.

Better make sure information is correct,
cause I can't bear the responsibility.

Right! Can we trust
Marydonna's information?

Absolutely trust worthy,
but you've to meet your promise.
No problem, I'll give her
the air ticket and the bonus

But there is a problem with the passport.
What's the problem
You crazy? How can she
emigrate with her background.

It's danger for her to stay here.
Well, there's nothing else I can do.
Don't give me that shit, you're the
one who taught the whole plan.

She's risking her life, and you're
saying there is nothing you can do.