Lo foo chut gang

Tell me, what should I tell her?
I didn't make the law, the Queen did.
You tell me what I should do?
You are using your
authority to force me.

lfyou told me earlier that it
won't work. I'd have taken your place.

Fine! No problem, you take.
Shut up!

You should be working not arguing.
Let me talk to Justice Department,
they might be able to take care ofthis.

I will take care ofthis.
Thank you. Commissioner

Call everyone back here
for a meeting.

We've got to get them all this time.
Yes! Commissioner.

Be careful, remember to wear
your bullet proved jacket.

Yes! Uncle Jim
Here is three and a half million dollars,
where is stuff?

The pipe?
Did you expect that, right?
Come down.

Who are you?
Police, I am here to arrest you guys.
Don't move!