Married to the Mob

- Im Angela de Marco.
- Oh, uh...

Im Mike, uh, Smith.
Nice to meet you.
Im 41. What number are you?

- Its 4. Its you.
- Thanks.

Well, Im sorry I... Nice meeting you, Mike.
- There you go.
- Sorry.

- Guess llI see you around.
- Bye.

Thanks for the tip.
Excuse me.
Angela gasps)
- Angela!
- Angie, wow! Glad we caught you.

So, howd you guys know where I live?
Yeah. The new place. Well...
It needs a litle bit of work, Angela.
But, you know...
You fix it up right, itll be great.
Yeah, I think so.
We got you some olive oil,
some beautiful tomatoes.

That smoked mozzarella you like,
half a dozen bagels.

- We even got a few household items.
- You really shouldnt have.

You know, Angela,
we miss Frank a hell of a lot.

- And we miss you, too.
- Thats right, Angela.

Were still your family. We always will be.
You guys, I gota get goin. I...
OK. Well walk you down.
Rosie wants you to come to dinner
next week. Say, Thursday? Friday?

- Oh, I, uh...
- Any night.

Gee, Tommy, Im so busy with the move
and getin set up and everything...

And I dont even know if well stay here.
Why dont I call you when Im setled?