Midnight Run

-He's mine. Get lost.
-He's yours? He's mine.

Eddie assigned him to me.
Then go talk to Eddie.
l'll collect the money.

l almost got killed tryin' to get this guy.
He shot at me--

Back off, goddamn it!
l said l'm takin' him, all right?

-All right, Marvin.
-This guy's worth $1,200!

Marvin. What are we fightin' for?
We're friends--

Nothin' personal, Jack, but fuck off!
Take it easy. Jesus!
Marvin, watch out!
What the fuck's goin' on?
You guys ain't cops.

No, we're ballet dancers.
Didn't your mother teach you
how to react to strangers?

Not shoot at them?
Thanks for the car.
You sleep,
and l'll bring it back a little later.

Got a delivery for you, Gooch.
Jack. The soda machine's been out
for a week and a half.

Check that for me.
What do we got here?
-Give you any trouble?
-Did you give me any trouble?

-Fuck you!
-He didn't give me any trouble.

Fuck you, too, man!
-l know my motherfuckin' rights!

Slap it.