Midnight Run

Big Dog. How are you?
What are you doin' here?
Listen, l need a favor.
l need to see the booking slip
of a Jonathan Mardukas. M-A-R-D-U-K-A-S.

-Yes, sir.
-What's that?

The number he called
right after he was arrested.

212 area code.
Looks like l'm goin' to New York.
Are you Jack Walsh?
-Excuse me.
-Are you Jack Walsh?

Do l know you?
Alonzo Mosely, FBl.
That's a nice badge.
How can l get one of those?

-l want to talk to you.
-Why don't you call my social secretary?

You're very funny. l want to talk to you.
Take your hands off me!
Take it easy!
-You know it's a $10 fine for jaywalking--
-Shut up.

What l want to know is...
...are you working on anything
having to do with Mardukas?

Never heard of him.
l believe you have heard of him.
Let me tell you something, asshole.
We've been working on this
Jimmy Serrano thing for about six years.

Mardukas is my shot.
l'm gonna bring him into federal court...
...and l don't want any rent-a-thug
who couldn't cut it as a cop in Chicago...

...bringing him to LA
on some bullshit local charge.