Midnight Run

How's that?
Looks fine to me.
Harold Longman, please.
Harry? Jack Walsh. How're you doin'?
You got that address check
on that phone number for me?

Thanks a lot, Harry.
Say hello to Julie for me. 'Bye.

You Jack Walsh?
-Who wants to know?
-Answer, ''Yes.''

We'd like to have a word with you.
-Yeah? What about?
-lt involves big cash, lot of prizes.

l'll make it short and sweet.
The people l work for are really interested
in your visit.

Who are the people you work for?
A friend of yours from the Chicago days.
You're here for the Duke. You think
he's in New York. We think you're right.

That's a nice jacket. What is it, goatskin?
Come on, Joey, please. Will you?
Never mind him.

The way l hear it...
...you didn't cooperate
with my boss a few years ago.

-ls that the way you heard it?
-But l got a news flash for you.

He'd pay a lot more for the Duke
than that bail bondsman.

-How much more?
-How about a one with six zeroes?

Are you gonna propose?

-'Cause if you're not, quit starin' at me.
-Starin' at you?

-You're staring at me.
-Joey, back off.

Mr. Walsh, your car's located
in space number 206.