Midnight Run

l'm fine.
Let me get right to the point, Mrs. Nelson.
An agent in LA discovered a detail
that was somehow overlooked until now.

lt seems that when Mardukas
was arrested...

...you were the first person he called.
ls that correct, Mrs. Nelson?

-Are you there, Mrs. Nelson?

This is a matter of great concern to us.
We'd like you to come down
tomorrow morning to 26 Federal Plaza.

Do you think you could do that?
-l suppose so.
-About 9:00 a.m.?

-Just ask for Agent Alonzo Mosely.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Have a nice day.

-Dana? lt's Helen.

The FBl called.
They want to speak to me about Jonathan.

-Oh, my God! Helen.
-Helen, what's going on?

The FBljust called. They know
we spoke the night you were arrested.

Hang up the phone, Helen. Right now.
Sweet music.