Midnight Run

Put your left hand behind your head.
You're taking me to the airport?
You don't look like an FBl agent to me.
Yeah? You don't look like a duke to me.
lf you're an FBl agent,
why don't you take me to the FBl office?

lf you don't be quiet, this is going
to be the worst trip of your life.

You work for Jimmy Serrano?
l don't work for that him.
Your bondsman hired me to bring you
back to LA, and that's what l'm doing.

-l got money.
-l'm sure you do.

-l'll give you whatever you want.
-Start by shutting up.

l've known you two minutes,
and already l don't like you.

That's too bad. l really like you.
l can't keep you cuffed
on a commercial flight.

l gotta check my gun with my luggage.
You fuck with me once,
l'll break your neck.

-l can't fly.

-You heard me. l can't fly.
-You'll have to do better than that.

l don't have to do better, 'cause it's
the truth. l suffer from aerophobia.

What does that mean?
lt means l can't fly. l also suffer
from acrophobia and claustrophobia.

l'll tell you what. lf you don't cooperate,
you'll suffer from ''fistophobia.''

Moscone's Bail Bonds.
Jerry, put Eddie on the phone.
Jack, what's the progress?
-l got him.
-You got who?

The Duke. He's right here.
You got him? Already?
Sure do. Want to say hello?
Say hello to your bail bondsman,
Eddie Moscone.

There you go.
Jonathan Mardukas in the flesh.

Jack, l love you!
What happened? Where'd you find him?
l found him in New York.
We're at the airport.

This is wonderful news!
l'll be in your office by midnight
and l'm tellin' you...

...l want the money tonight.
Go empty out
one of your Swiss bank accounts.