Midnight Run

-l think l do.
-No, you don't.

-l think l do.
-No, you don't.

Why not?
Dinner 's over. Let's go.
l can see this is gonna be some fuckin' trip.
l wouldn't worry about it.
l won't be with you much longer.

What do you mean?
With what l know about Serrano,
if l go to jail l'll be dead within 24 hours.

So sooner or later,
l'm gonna have to give you the slip.

Glad you find it humorous.
-Let's go.
-$2? That's all you're gonna leave?

-That's 15 percent.
-That's 13 percent.

These people depend on tips for a living.
Can l help you, sir?
Yeah, l'm lookin' for a buddy of mine,
Jack Walsh.

He told me he'd meet me on this train.
Yeah, Mr. Walsh.
He's in Bedroom D, next car.

-That next car?
-Yes, sir. That way.

-Sure thing. Have a good night.