Midnight Run

So, what do you know about Jack Walsh?
No. Come on. Cigarettes are killers.
So are women.
Not the right woman. My wife
and l have a wonderful relationship.

She's stuck it out with me.
Stuck it out with you and all your millions.
What a trooper.

l don't have millions, Jack.
l gave it all to charity, remember?

You didn't keep just a little for yourself?
l kept enough to get away and stay hidden.
We change buses in Chicago.
You're gonna have a couple hours.

l think you'd be a better man
if you looked up your ex-wife and daughter.

-lt's a perfect opportunity.
-Why don't you mind your own business?

Why is it you haven't seen them
in nine years?


l'll tell you why.
She married a police lieutenant...

...and l'm not popular
with the Chicago Police.

-Why aren't you popular with them?
-That's a whole other....

Do we know each other?

What did you do?
Why aren't you popular
with the Chicago Police?

That's something that doesn't concern you.
-Did she hurt you, Jack?

-l'm sorry.
-What are you sorry about?

-l'm sorry you're hurt.
-l'm not hurt.

-You said you were hurt.
-l'm not hurt.

-You said you were hurt.
-l didn't say it. You said it.

l asked you and you said, ''Yeah, l'm hurt.''
You made me say it.
You're startin' to put words in my mouth.

You're a grown man.
You have control over your words.

You're goddamn right l do.
Here come two words for you: Shut up!

Excuse me. Walsh called Moscone about
a half an hour ago from outside Toledo.

He's on an lnterstate Coach Lines bus
headed for Chicago.

Come on.
Sir, what do we do with this guy?