Midnight Run

l'm in the lobby at a Howard Johnson's
and l'm wearing a pink carnation.

What are you talkin' about?
l'm not talkin' to you.
l'm talkin' to the other guys.

What other guys?
Let me describe the scene to you.
There's these guys.

They've probably been up for two days.
They stink of B.O.
They have coffee breath.

They're constipated from sitting
on their asses for so long.

They're sitting in a van and they're
probably parked right up the street.

But now you're gonna have
to pack up and go home...

...because l'm onto you, you dumb fucks.
Your phone is tapped. l'm not going to use
this line anymore. Go to Chin Loo's.

l'll call you in five minutes.
They can't run a tap that fast.

So long, everybody.
Excuse me, buddy. l got it!
l think it's for me. Jack, that you?

l need you to wire me $500
to the Western Union office...

...in Amarillo, Texas right away.
What do you need with $500 on a bus?
And why the aren't you on a plane?
Has it occurred to you that
l am a professional and l have my reasons?

We're driving now, and l only have
enough cash to get to Amarillo.

We had to scrap the bus.
Fuck the bus!
What happened to the goddamn plane!

-He doesn't like to fly.
-He doesn't like to fly?

What the fuck does that mean?
Listen to me, Jack!

You gotta be back here
in less than two and a half days.

A half million dollars of my money!
What the fuck is goin' on there?

l swear. Don't start with me now
or l will shoot him...

...and l will dump him in a fuckin' swamp!
l am in no fuckin' mood for this.
Send me the money,
and l'll have him back on time.

-You hear me?

Let's go.
Wire $500 to Jack Walsh
in Amarillo, Texas right away.

Amarillo, Texas. Now, listen.
Get Dorfler down there!
Find him and get him down there, too.

-You got it, Eddie.