Midnight Run

''Ninety-three bottles of beer on the wall''
Why were you so unpopular
with the Chicago Police Department?

'Cause of your personality?
What happened back at your house?
What was that all about?

Your wife married a corrupt police officer?
What was it all about?
That whole fuckin' department
was corrupt.

There's good and bad everywhere, no?
l'd say there's bad everywhere.
Good l don't know about.

What happened to you?
l wouldn't go on the payroll.
What payroll?
l was workin' undercover. l was posted
to a big heroin dealer in Chicago.

He supplied the whole city.
Took me a year just to get his confidence.
Just when l was about to nail
the son of a bitch, my fellow officers...

...mysteriously discovered seven pounds
of heroin in my house.

So this big-time drug dealer
gave me a choice:

Get on the payroll like everybody else,
get out of town, or go to jail for 30 years.

l didn't get on the payroll.
And that's why l do this.
When l find a criminal like you,
l bring him in.

l don't have to worry about takin' a payoff
because there's just me.

Why don't you get yourself a new watch?
l'll tell you when l know you better.
When will you get to know me better?
l'll get to know you better.

-You won't get to know me better.
-Will you shut up?