Midnight Run

-The FBl badge?
-Yeah, give me the FBl badge.

-Uncuff me.
-Uncuff you?

Want to eat? Want a nice meal?
Want some of that shit you eat?
Come on. Uncuff me.

-You fuck with me--
-You'll hit me on the head and drop me....

Right. Uncuff me.
-Who's in charge here?
-Who wants to know?

-That'd be the manager.

l'd like to see the manager.
Yes, sir.
Alonzo Mosely, FBl.
We're tracking a ring of counterfeiters...
...passing phony $20 bills across the state.
Have you received any $20 bills
in the last couple of hours?

We get them all the time.
You get them all the time. Would
you mind taking two steps backwards?

Would you mind opening the register?
No, don't touch them.
Excuse me.
Contract two, Hank. Check them out.
Give him a pencil, please.
Do the litmus configuration.
Doing the litmus configuration?
-Litmus configuration.