Midnight Run

...of Serrano's businesses
and his money-laundering operations.

And if l don't get the Duke back
in the next two hours...

...l'm gonna turn the disks over
to the feds. Hear me?

Tell Serrano l'll meet him with the Duke
in two hours in McCarran Airport...

...where we'll make the exchange.
He's the only one of you
who won't try to shoot me in public.

lf l see one fuckin' single goon
within a mile of that airport...

...now listen to me...
...the deal's off, and l'll go to the feds.
l won't bother Jimmy with your bullshit.
You're not? Okay, fine. Fine.
After he's busted...

...l'll tell him
you knew all about it beforehand.

That's two hours from now.
Main terminal, McCarran Airport.

You got that, moron? Have a nice day.
Tell Alonzo l want to make a deal.
You want to make a deal with me?
What if l could deliver you Serrano?
What do you mean, ''deliver''?
For starters, conspiracy to destroy
government evidence.

What government evidence?
Will you let me take the Duke back
and collect my money?

Tell me more.
Tell you on the way 'cause we gotta be
in Las Vegas in two hours.

No, it's room service.