Midnight Run

Here. Hold this up...
...so they know l took this today.
l amaze myself. l'm always thinking.
Got it all figured out.
-Now say, ''Cheese.''
-Don't do this, Marvin.

All right.
There are no real computer disks.

-ls that right?

So if you give him blank disks...
...and he accepts them
would that still be considered an overt act?

lf he just enters the airport,
he's committed an overt act...

...conspiracy to obstruct justice.
When he shows up with the Duke,
you add kidnapping.

Anybody with a gun,
conspiracy to commit murder.

The fact that it's an airport,
correct me if you think l'm wrong....

...you can slap an interstate transportation
aid of racketeering rap on him.

None of that means anything
unless you can get him to take those disks.

Don't worry. l'll get him to take the disks.
Get a wire on this man.
No hard feelings about
what happened back in Amarillo?

Just one of
those spur-of-the-moment deals.

-Where is he?
-Where's the money?

ln the car. Where is he?
Slight change of plans.
Now l want $2 million.

l read the newspapers, you know?
The guy got you for $15 million, right?

So l figure he's gotta be worth
at least $2 million.

l'm a businessman.
How do we know you got him?
l want $1 million now...
...and l'll call you in 20 minutes...
...tell you where to drop off
the second million.