Midnight Run

l couldn't tell. There's too much goin' on.
Serrano's got the disks. He's got the disks.
Marvin, look out!
l'm not fallin' for that again.
You stupid fuck, will you look out!
Serrano's got the disks!
Move in.
Take it easy! Come on!
Goddamn it! Who the fuck are you guys?
There's somethin' l've been wanting to say
for ten years.

-What's that?
-''You're under arrest.''

We'll catch up to each other
one of these days.

Maybe we will.
-We still got our deal?
-We got our deal.

Wait a minute! What deal?
Why does he get special treatment?

See you in LA, Marvin.
Watch your cigarettes with this guy.
What's goin' on?
Sorry. l got an hour and a half
to get you back to LA.

Thanks, Alonzo.