Midnight Run

l never trusted that guy anyway.
-Where the hell are you?
-Where am l? l'm at the airport.

And guess who l'm with?
l'm with the Duke.

You got him! l love you!
-You want to say hello?
-Yeah. Put him on.

-Say hello.

Hello, you son of a bitch!
We got you...
...you son of a bitch!
Now say good-bye, you lying piece of shit,
'cause l'm letting him go.

Would've been a nice coffee shop.
l don't get it.
l did what l wanted to do.
l got you to LA before midnight, so....

l don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
Knowing you, you'll make me want
to put those back on you again.

-No. Thank you.
-Thank you.

Somethin' to remember our adventure by.
This better be good.
This is good.
This is very good.
When l was makin' my getaway,
l thought the FBl was closin' in on me.

Take it. l took some traveling money.
Take it.
lt's not a payoff. lt's a gift.
You already let me go.

You son of a bitch.