Miracle Mile

What's your name?
- Harry.
- Harry.

Can you repeat the conversation
to me, please...

verbatim, if you can?
- Um, yeah, OK.
- Come on!

Nobody believes this, do they?
I mean, if I said it,
nobody would.

Will you shut up?
Just let him talk.

Go ahead.
OK, well, I answered the phone
because it was ringing.

And the guy,
he just started yelling...

"Dad! Dad! It's happening!
"The big one. We're locked in.
"Thor Arthur 66 DDZ."
Wait a minute.
Say that last part again.
It's Thor Arthur 66 DDZ.
And then he started going,
"Oh, my God!

"We shoot off our wad
in fifty minutes.

"You're going to be getting it
back in an hour and ten."

Then I said something...
and he realized
that I wasn't his dad.

And so I asked him
if it was a prank.

And he went,
"A prank? Oh, God, a prank."

He was just trying to call
his dad in Orange County.

And then, uh...
and then he said,
"They see me on the monitor."

And then someone came in...
and he started going,
"Yes, sir. No, sir."

Then they shot him.
No. No. I heard gunshots.
And then someone else
got on the line.

And I said,
"Hey, is this a joke?"

And all he said was...
"Forget everything
you just heard...

"and go back to sleep."
I knew they'd do some
stupid shit like this one day!

They ain't gonna catch me
with my pants down!

Heck, I'm going up
to the San Gabriel mountains!

Mine shaft! Anybody that helps
can come, but bring cans!

Bring lots of cans!
I'm coming with you, Freddie!
That Thor Arthur stuff,
that meant something to you.

I know it did!
Is that the code for it?

It's possible.
How the hell
would you know, lady?

Because I used to date a guy...
who worked
at the Rand Corporation.