Mississippi Burning

Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Say hello to our mayor, Mr. Tilman here.

- How do you do, Anderson?
- Mr. Mayor. Mr. Barber.

Well, this looks like the place to be.
Even for me.

Yep. Nothin' like a barbershop
for jawin' your socks off.

Where you from, Anderson?
Thornton, Mississippi, sir.
Just a spit from Tennessee.

Well, then you must know
how we all feel down here.

We don't take to outsiders
tellin' us how to live our lives.

And I'm here to tell ya,
our nigras were happy...

...till those beatnik college kids
came down here stirrin' things up.

Before that, there wasn't
anybody complainin'.

Nobody dared.
We got a real peaceful
community down here, Anderson.

Course, they're just like any other folks,
I reckon, when you push 'em too far.

The way I figure it,
it's like three sticks of old dynamite.

You shake it up... and we're gonna
be scrapin' bodies off the street.

I'm just here to investigate the missing
three kids, ask some questions.

If this all boiled down to gravy...
...there wouldn't be enough
to cover a chicken-fried steak.

Them kids you're lookin' for? I'd bet you a
shiny new dime they're in Chicago now...

...drinkin' a cold beer and havin' a laugh
about the commotion they stirred up here.

Well, I sure hope so.
You can tell your bosses people got
the wrong idea about the South.

You know what I'm talkin' about.
Everybody runnin' around ragged,
backwards and illiterate...

...eatin' sowbelly and corn pone
three times a day.